Company Profile



Established Sep. 1, 1946
Capital 96,000,000 JPY
Representative Mitsuhisa Tominaga, Representative Director & Chief Corporate Officer
Number of Employees 709 (as of Apr. 1, 2024)
Bank References MUFG Bank, Ltd.
UBS Bank
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation.
Resona Bank, Limited.
The Hyakujushi Bank, LTD.


We, of Denro Corporation, were founded in 1946 by several up-and-coming engineers who should be responsible for the Japan’s future as a presently so-called “Engineering and Solution-Providing Company” aiming at development, design and manufacture of industrial plant equipment. Since then, on the basis of the technology-oriented and human-respecting policies, we have been constantly expanding our business in such fields as “Design and Manufacture of Steel Industrial Processing Plants,” “Design and Manufacture of Steel Towers and Their Accessories,” “Contract Galvanizing and Heat-Treatment,” “Production of Various Special Small Parts Such as Rice-Threshing Machine Blades and Piano Tuning Pins.” We profoundly appreciate your graces that have been helpful to these business expansions in all respects.

Whilst nowadays are said the Era of Innovation, which would imply substantial revolutions and globalization at home and abroad, we will daringly challenge to be involved and assimilated in new tides flexibly, making every effort to be an outstanding Solution-Provider who can give all of our processing Trinitarian “Software,” “Hardware” and “Operation” as well as enhancing the original technology-oriented and human-respecting policies. Denro Corporation is eagerly looking forward to your continuous graces and further encouragement.

Origin of Corporate Name

Mr. Giichi Suzuki, the founder, returned home from abroad after World War II and visited a manufacturer of iron wires and nails, who related to him through his previous profession, and then developed an electrical heating furnace for annealing iron wires in response to the manufacturer’s request.

At that time there were enormous postwar restorative demands in Osaka where many medium and small manufacturers of iron wires and nails commanding almost all domestic market share had a big appetite for new annealing equipment. He, therefore, founded Nippon Denro Mfg. Co., Ltd. where Denro denotes electrical heating furnaces in Japanese. The new company sold the equipment at terrific rates and, according to other demands, it carried on developing and supplying various pertinent apparatuses. The foundation of our corporation was thus established.

Corporate History

  • 1946. 09  Suzuki Electrification Industries was established to design and manufacture electric heating furnaces.
  • 1947. 06  Job processing business was initiated.
  • 1947. 09  “Suzuki Electrification Industries” was reorganized from a proprietary company to an incorporated one named Nippon Denro Mfg. Co., Ltd.
  • 1951. 08  Design and manufacture of steel towers, poles and frames were initiated.
  • 1951. 10  Design and manufacture of galvanizing, plating and painting equipment were initiated.
  • 1955. 09  Manufacture and marketing of parts for agricultural machines and musical instruments were initiated.
  • 1959. 12  Tokyo Branch Office was set up.
  • 1960. 03  Yao Factory went into operation.
  • 1966. 06  Recognized by the government as a company contributing to export.
  • 1967. 09  Marugame West Factory went into operation.
  • 1971. 01  System for self-support accounting by each division and distribution of good outcome was adopted.
  • 1971. 08  Hiroshima (currently called Seibu) Branch Office was set up.
  • 1972. 10  Full scale tower loading test station was built in Kagawa.
  • 1973. 02  Technical assistance agreement on towers was concluded with Super Industrial Corp., Philippines.
  • 1974. 10  Marugame East Factory went into operation.
  • 1975. 06  Loopro type wire processing technology was introduced.
  • 1977. 06  Fluidized bed processing technology was introduced.
  • 1981. 06  Marugame 3rd Factory went into operation.
  • 1982. 04  Extension work of head office building was completed.
  • 1984. 07  Technical collaboration agreement on towers was concluded with Lysaght Galvanising Services Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia.
  • 1992. 03  Tohoku Factory went into operation.
  • 1994. 01  Sendai (currently called Tohoku) Branch Office was set up.
  • 1996. 08  Hot dip galvanizing equipment of Tohoku Factory was given a certificate for JIS mark.
  • 1997. 01  Nagoya Branch Office was set up.
  • 1998. 07  ISO9001 authentication was obtained.
  • 1999. 06  Land for Tohoku Galva Center was acquired in Hanamaki.
  • 2000. 03  Fukuoka (currently called Kyushu) Branch Office was set up.
  • 2002. 03  Tohoku Galva Center went into operation.
  • 2002. 09  Hot dip galvanizing equipment of Tohoku Galva Center was given a certificate for JIS mark.
  • 2003. 05  ISO14001 authentication was obtained.
  • 2007. 09  Corporate name was changed to DENRO CORPORATION.
  • 2009. 09  Founded Denro (Changzhou) Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. in Changzhou, China
  • 2012. 09  Hot dip galvanizing equipment of Marugame East Factory was given a certificate for JIS mark.


●Contractors Construction License (Issued by the Minister of land, Infrastructure and Transport)

Telecommunication Work
Steel Structure Work
General Architectural Work
General Civil Engineering Work
Painting Work
Electrical Work
Machine and Equipment Installation Work
Scaffolding and Earthwork
Demolishing Work

●Quality Management System Certificate per ISO

ISO9001 Registration JICQA 0341

●Environmental Management System Certificate per ISO

ISO14001 Registration JICQA E630

●Registration as 1st-class Architects and Building Engineers Office

Registered by the Governor of Osaka Prefecture
Registered by the Governor of Kagawa Prefecture

●Registration as Architectural Consultant

Registered by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

●Certified as Steel Architectural Framework Manufacturer (By the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)

Marugame Factory as Grade-H
Tohoku Factory as Grade-H

●Hot Dip Galvanizing Plants with Certification for JIS Mark

Tohoku Factory-Certification QA 0207014
Tohoku Galva Center-Certification QA 0207014
Marugame Factory-Certification QA 0712002