Plant Business

In our plant business, we have provided production facilities of diversified purposes such as thermal treatment, surface treatment, lined-up processing, materials/machinery-handling mainly for secondary steel processors, and also provided various research and suggestions covering development, manufacture, on-site construction, and after-sales service of those facilities in satisfactory accordance with customers’ requirements as our number one priority.

And in our steel tower and job galvanizing businesses, since we have developed their production facilities by ourselves, their software and hardware have been improved by our own business operations, and thus we have strived to provide high-quality solutions for customers along with our operational know-how. We have named this approach SHO standing for Software, Hardware, and Operation.

Heat Treatment Equipment
Surface Treatment Equipment
Diversified Processing Line
Planning, Manufacturing, Constructing
About SHO


We provide desing and manufacture of following equipment, line, and products.

Heat Treatment Equipment

Heat treatment equipment according to processing materials such as iron, steel, stainless steel wires


Examples; Fluidized Bed Heat Treatment Equipment, Loopro Type Heat Treatment Equipment, Bell Type Annealing Furnace, Heat Treatment Equipment for Small Parts, etc.

Surface Treatment Equipment

Various types of hot dip galvanizing equipment, acid-pickling and coating equipment for steel wires, pretreatment/color-coating/post-treatment equipment for steel sheets, etc.


Examples; Eco-Friendly Hot Dip Galvanizing Equipment, Eco-Friendly Acid-Pickling and Coating Equipment for Steel Wires, Color Coating Line for Steel Sheets, etc.

Diversified Processing Lines

New processing lines, we positively provide design and manufacture to correct existing equipment by changes of processing materials/conditions and to modify/replace partially.


Examples; Roll Exchange Type Leveler, Side Trimmer, Scrap Chopper, Side Clipping Shear, Payoff Reel, Tension Reel, etc.

Other Products

Auxiliary equipment, coil handling devices, maintenance devices, etc., which will improve working circumstances at production sites


Examples; Coil Car, Coil Stand, Walking Beam, Coil Conveyor, Coil Compactor, Examining Table, etc.

Planning, Manufacturing, Constructing

Technical services according to customers’ requirements such as processing method, machining accuracy, manufacturing operations


Steel Fabrication 


Steel Processing


Assembly, Test Run


On-Site Construction