Environmental Policy

Basic Philosophy

Denro Corporation shall conduct its business activities placing weight especially on the global environmental protection including countermeasures against the climate change among SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), and shall carry on its company-wide environmental protection activities with each worker’s awareness of the importance of environment.

Action Guidelines

    1. We shall keep our business activities always with our environmental and ecological sensitivity through developing/promoting eco-friendly equipment and providing galvanizing services to extend lifetime of steel structures.
    2. We shall try to curb emissions of CO2 (carbon dioxide) and other greenhouse gasses by making every effort to conserve our business-operation electricity and also our consumption of LPG during the galvanizing operation.
    3. We shall try to reduce various wastes/discharges generated in our business operations, and shall try to thoroughly separate for their reusing/recycling.
    4. We shall try to thoroughly prevent environmental pollution through appropriate management and disposal of harmful substances used or generated during our business operations in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
    5. We shall try to make our factories coexist with their surrounding natural environment through observing environmental laws/regulations/rules and fulfilling commitments made to their local communities for environmental protection.
    6. We shall try to achieve our goals continuously through promoting our middle-/long-range business plans under laws/regulations relevant to rational energy use.
    7. We shall try to educate all employees to work in accordance with our environmental policy by documenting and posting on in-house bulletin boards along with showing in the corporate website.

Local Activities

Tohoku Galva Center has been already granted ISO 14001 certification, and tries to be an eco-friendly galvanizer by means of its automated hot dip galvanizing equipment.

 1. Environmental Protection Activities

Tohoku Galva Center is a galvanizing factory established for the purpose of transforming the hot dip galvanizing operation from a conventional labor-intensive industry to a modern safe and clean process industry with full use of computers and in consideration of the working and surrounding local environment. Therefore, all of its divisions and employees have been trying to protect the environment through promoting resource/energy-conservation, saving costs and reducing wastes/discharges or rendered them harmless.

2. Specific Challenging Theme

    • For the purpose of saving resources, we have been making every endeavor to minimize consumption of zinc ingots as primary hot dip galvanizing resource materials.

    • For the purpose of saving energy and costs, we have been making every endeavor to reduce CO2 (carbon dioxide) through reducing the consumption of LPG and electric power, which are principal energy sources for the hot dip galvanizing operation.

    • For the purpose of rendering wastes/discharges harmless and/or reducing them, we have been making every endeavor to reduce hydrochloric acid used for the pretreatment process of galvanizing down to zero, besides we have participated in the collaborative activity to reduce waste/garbage generated from our industrial park down to zero with neighboring manufacturers.

3. Pretreatment housing and scrubber for preventing harmful hydrochloric acid gas from discharging into the air

Pretreatment Housing